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Ball Baffles

Designed to improve load stability and reduce liquid movement, ball baffle systems effectively control the surge and slosh when your tank is in motion.

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Ball Baffles

Ball Baffles

Our ball baffle system acts like a honeycomb, dampening liquid movement in tanks during motion to enhance load stability, driver control, and safety, particularly when braking or changing directions. These versatile baffles are suitable for various tanks, including those for water, diesel, and compatible liquids, meeting food-grade standards for potable water. Recommended for tanks exceeding 500 liters, they are a mandatory requirement for cartage tankers in mine sites and council fleets. Easy to install in both new and existing tanks, they consist of hollow spheres, available in two sizes: 195mm (small) - 1 ball per 7 liters and 355mm (large) - 1 ball per 40 liters.

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I got a fire hose reel and pump. The quality is top grade, and their team's product knowledge and service were impressive. Kudos to their expertise!

- Sarah Hart

Bought a 1000 litre water tank in January and thank goodness we haven't had to use it for a fire yet. We do use it every other day for watering the stock. It's easy to hook up and use and we are very happy with our purchase.

- Joan Hewitt
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