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Chemical Rinse Bins

Designed to simplify triple rinsing, washing drums, and mixing chemicals, these chemical rinse bins are manufactured from durable, corrosion resistant polyethylene. Our range of chemical rinse bins not only provides an eco friendly solution but also ensures it is done quickly with ease.

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Rinse Master

Simplify your clean up with Rinse Master chemical rinse bins. Manufactured from robust, corrosion resistant materials, the Rinse Master bin effortlessly handles triple rinsing and drum washing. Equipped with rotating nozzles and ball valves, the Rinse Master rinse bins offer an eco friendly solution for a wide range of applications and chemicals.
  • 15 year tank warranty.
  • Ideal for pesticide/herbicide drum rinsing and washing.
  • Safety valve only opens when pushed down by inverted drum.
  • Ideal for triple rinse requirements.
  • 455mm hinged lid with a breather for ventilation.
  • UV stabilised polyethylene chemical resistant tank.
  • Galvanised steel frame.
  • Drain fittings.
  • 5mm suction venturi to suit pump flow of 20L/min – 50L/min, 29psi – 218psi.
  • 9mm suction venturi to suit pump flow of 100L/min – 150L/min, 102psi – 218psi.
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    50 x 50 x 43 cm
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    60 x 60 x 60 cm
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  • 200 Litres

    60 x 60 x 93 cm
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  • 300 Litres

    66 x 66 x 92 cm
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More about our Chemical Rinse Bins

As we strive for environmental responsibility and safety in our operations, the disposal of pesticide rinsate and empty chemical containers is a critical consideration. Improper disposal can pose serious risks to both human health and the environment. That’s where chemical rinse bins come in as indispensable tools for responsible cleanup and safe disposal of pesticides and other chemicals.

Chemical rinse bins are purpose built for the thorough rinsing of empty chemical drums, ensuring that any residual chemicals are effectively removed. This process, known as triple rinsing, is essential for preventing contamination and pollution caused by leftover residues. By utilising chemical rinse bins, agricultural farming operations and industrial manufacturing businesses can uphold regulatory standards and environmental guidelines while minimising their ecological footprint.

One of the primary benefits of chemical rinse bins is their ability to streamline the cleanup process. With their durable construction and corrosion resistant materials, these bins offer efficient and hassle free rinsing, saving valuable time and resources. By providing a dedicated space for rinsate disposal, chemical rinse bins help prevent spills and leaks that could otherwise result in environmental damage.

Moreover, chemical rinse bins are versatile tools that can accommodate various cleanup tasks. Equipped with versatile nozzles and ground level loading features, these bins can handle different sizes of drums and containers, adapting to the specific needs of each operation. Additionally, some models are equipped with Venturi systems, allowing for efficient mixing and induction of chemicals in main spray tanks.

By incorporating chemical rinse bins into operations, farms and businesses can not only ensure compliance with regulatory requirements but also promote sustainability and environmental awareness. These bins play a crucial role in preventing pollution and safeguarding the health and safety of workers and communities. With responsible waste management practices, and chemical drum clean up with chemical rinse bins we can minimise our impact on the environment and create a safer, cleaner future for all.

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I wouldn't think twice about recommending the Bushfire Store.

- Milla Cooper

Top Aussie product. Built well and lockable lid a bonus so can leave on back of Hilux. (200 Litre Diesel Fuel Tanks)

- Brendan Burns
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