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Fire Fighting Tanks

Versatile, powerful, and ready for action!

Bushfire Store’s lineup of fire fighting tanks are designed to swiftly respond to the threat of bushfires. These tanks, ranging from 200 to 10,000 liters, aren’t just limited to firefighting – they’re also commonly used for water carting and dust suppression. So, whether you’re dealing with a bushfire emergency or need a reliable solution for water transport and dust control, our versatile fire fighting tanks have got you covered.


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200L to 800L
Compact Fire Units

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360L to 2,500L
Skid Mounted Fire Tanks

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2000L to 10,000L
Truck Mounted Fire Tanks

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More about our Fire Fighting Tanks

Bushfire Store stands at the forefront of fire fighting equipment with its exceptional range of fire fighting slip on and skid mounted fire tanks. These Australian made units are manufactured using Honda engines and premium materials to deliver unparalleled performance. Their design prioritises maximum portability, making them the go to choice for those seeking swift and efficient bushfire response solutions.

The versatility of our range of fire fighting tanks sets us apart. They are adaptable to fit onto your UTV, ute, trailer, or truck, ensuring you are well-equipped to tackle any fire emergency that comes your way.

Not only are they easy to maneuver, but they also guarantee immediate action in the face of bushfire threats. When the safety of your property is on the line during bushfire season, you can rely on these units to act as your front line defense.

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What People Are Saying

This gun is twice the price of a cheap version, however is at least 10 times better. With the cheap spray gun we were struggling to get the job done, however we now breeze through the job in a small percentage of the time it used to take us with much improve outcomes on our previous results. It’s almost a pleasurable job now.

- Bob Ware

Top notch quality product. I'm in the Rural Fire Brigade and these fire rakes are the same quality that we use. 5 star

- Ray Wright
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