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Chemical Tanks

Liquids - Chemicals - Fertiliser - Water

Manufactured in Australia and engineered to meet Australian Standards, our range of full drainable chemical cartage tanks are designed for the storage, handling, and mixing of chemicals, liquid fertilisers and waste. Widely utilised in agricultural and industrial sectors, these tanks provide an great solution for a diverse range of applications.

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More about our Chemical Tanks

Our extensive selection of chemical tanks and equipment provides versatile solutions for handling, storing, and disposing of chemicals and liquids across diverse industries. From chemical rinse bins to fully drainable sump tanks and underground septic tanks, our range prioritises efficiency, reliability, and environmental responsibility.

Chemical rinse bins stand as indispensable tools for responsible cleanup and safe disposal of pesticides and other chemicals. These bins are specifically designed for the thorough rinsing of empty chemical drums, ensuring the effective removal of residual chemicals in the triple rinsing process. By preventing contamination and pollution caused by leftover residues, chemical rinse bins align with regulatory standards and environmental guidelines while minimising ecological impact. Streamlining the entire cleanup process, these bins are constructed with durable, corrosion resistant materials, providing efficient and hassle free rinsing, ultimately saving valuable time and resources. Equipped with versatile nozzles and ground level loading features, they can handle various cleanup tasks, accommodating different sizes of drums and containers. The addition of a Venturi systems, allows for efficient mixing and induction of chemicals into a main spray tank, enhancing the tanks versatility and utility across a wide range of applications.

Our fully drainable sump tanks offer efficiency and reliability for agricultural spraying, chemical storage and cartage. Easily mounted and transported on farming vehicles, UTV’s, utes, tractors and trucks, these tanks are designed for maximum efficiency. The integrated sump feature ensures minimal waste, complete drainage, and effortless cleaning, meeting the demands of various applications.

The underground septic tanks provide a robust solutions for managing household wastewater, meeting strict standards and accommodating various household sizes.

With our Australian made products, you can trust in quality, performance, and sustainability for all your chemical and liquid handling requirements.

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Bought a 600L slip on fire tank. Easy to use and incredibly effective for emergencies. A must have for anyone concerned about Bushfire's.

- James Hamblin

Brilliant service. Items arrived on time and as advertised. Great job.

- Warick Birch
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