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Diesel Fuel Tanks

Refuelling, Storage and Cartage Diesel Tanks

Within both Civil and Agricultural industries, our diesel fuel tanks provide a reliable solution for onsite diesel storage and the refueling of backup generators, tractors, excavators, graders and utes and machinery. We place a strong emphasis on the efficiency and safety of diesel storage and transport, and our diesel tanks are compliant with Australian Standards, manufactured in Australia and guarantee quality and reliability.

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Ute Diesel Tanks
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Diesel Storage Tanks
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Diesel Storage Tanks
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More about our Diesel Fuel Tanks

Durable and Reliable Diesel Fuel Tanks: The Ultimate Solution for Agricultural and Civil Industries

Ensuring a reliable supply of diesel fuel is crucial for the agricultural and civil sectors. From powering tractors and machinery to fueling generators and transport vehicles, diesel is the backbone of many rural and industrial operations. At Bushfire Store, we understand these needs and offer a comprehensive range of diesel fuel tanks designed to meet the rigorous demands of these industries.

High-Quality Materials and Advanced Manufacturing

Our diesel fuel tanks are engineered with high quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring unmatched durability and reliability. Made from robust polyethylene, these tanks can withstand the harshest Australian conditions, including extreme heat, heavy rains, and rugged terrains. This makes them an ideal choice for both stationary and transportable diesel storage and refueling.

Range of Sizes

One of the standout features of our diesel fuel tanks is their large range of sizes. We offer tanks from compact 100 to 1200 litre options suitable for utes, to large 10,000 litre freestanding storage and transportable cartage tanks. This variety ensures that you can find the perfect tank size for your specific requirements, whether you need a portable diesel tank for on-the-go refueling or a larger tank for permanent on site storage.

Safety and Compliance

Safety is a top priority for us, which is why our tanks come equipped with advanced safety features to prevent accidents and ensure safe diesel fuel handling. Additionally, our tanks meet stringent Australian regulations, including AS/NZS standards, guaranteeing they are safe and compliant for use in various applications.

Addressing Key Challenges

Our range of diesel fuel tanks also addresses several key challenges faced by the agricultural and civil sectors. Ensuring that diesel is readily available on-site eliminates the downtime associated with frequent trips to fuel stations, enhancing productivity and efficiency. The robust construction of our tanks means they can endure the demanding conditions of rural and industrial environments, providing reliable service year after year. With features designed to prevent spills, leaks, and contamination, our tanks offer peace of mind when it comes to handling and storing diesel fuel. Moreover, poly diesel fuel tanks provide the flexibility to store and transport diesel where it’s needed most, making them ideal for farms and construction sites.

Why Choose Bushfire Store?

Bushfire Store stands out in the market by offering high quality diesel fuel tanks that meet the highest standards of performance and durability. We source our tanks from reputable manufacturers, ensuring they are built to last. Our extensive product range, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service make us the go to choice for diesel fuel storage and transportation solutions.

Investing in a reliable diesel fuel tank is crucial for the smooth operation of your agricultural or civil enterprise. With Bushfire Store, you are not just purchasing a tank; you are investing in quality, safety, and peace of mind. Contact our expert team to discuss your requirements today.

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