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How To Prepare Your Property And Survive A Bushfire

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In the vast expanse of the Aussie landscape, where the threat of bushfires looms large, preparing your property is not just a choice but a responsibility, whether you opt to make an early exit or stand your ground to defend what’s yours. The resilience of your home against the fury of bushfires or ember attacks hinges on how well-prepared it is, not just for your own safety but for the community around you.

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In ensuring your home is primed against potential fire threats, it becomes more than just a personal fortress; it evolves into a crucial beacon for firefighters. Beyond being a mere island of safety, a well-prepared home emerges as a lifeline in the relentless battle against the unexpected onslaught of a fire, offering protection not only to its occupants but also extending a shield to neighboring homes from the unforgiving flames.

Essential Measures for Bushfire-Ready Homes

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of preparing your property to weather the storm of a bushfire. Consider these practical measures to give your family and home the best shot at survival:

  • Trim the Overgrowth: To kick things off, start by cutting back any overhanging trees or shrubs, and make sure to dispose of the cuttings responsibly. By clearing this potential fuel, you’re not only enhancing safety but also creating a buffer zone around your property.
  • Roof Check: Regularly inspect the condition of your roof, replacing any damaged or missing tiles promptly. A well-maintained roof is your first line of defense.
  • Fence Wisely: opt for non-combustible fences; they’re the sturdy warriors that can withstand the intense heat generated by a bushfire. Your property needs a strong line of defense.
  • Gutter Maintenance: Keep those gutters clean! Clear leaves from the roof, gutters, and downpipes regularly, and consider fitting leaf guard protection to prevent potential ignition sources.
  • Underfloor Protection: Seal the deal by enclosing underfloor areas. This not only prevents embers from sneaking in but also adds an extra layer of insulation.
  • Woodpile Placement: If you’ve got a woodpile, keep it a fair distance from the house and ensure it’s covered. It’s all about minimizing potential fuel sources.
  • Lawn Management: Keep that grass nice and short around your property, and be sure to steer clear of storing garden mulch near the home. Less fuel means less risk, contributing to a safer environment all around.
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  • LPG Safety: Pause for a moment and double-check that the pressure relief valve on LPG cylinders faces outwards. After all, we wouldn’t want any flames directed towards the house, ensuring a safer setup for everyone involved.
  • Hose Ready: Equip yourself with a hose long enough to reach every nook and cranny of your home. A water supply at the ready is your ally.
  • Storage Strategy: Steer clear of storing any flammable items near the home. Instead, opt for proper storage designed specifically for flammable products, a choice that helps mitigate potential risks and ensures a safer environment.
  • Window and Door Defense: Install metal flywire or solid screens to the outside windows and doors, adding an extra layer of protection against embers.
  • Welcome Mat Wisdom: Your doormat should be non-combustible. It’s a small detail, but every little bit counts when it comes to fire safety.
  • Wall Watch: Conduct a thorough check of external walls and cladding. Seal any gaps, especially in wooden and cladded homes, to prevent ember intrusion.
  • Alarm Assurance: Ensure all smoke alarms are in working order, and any fire extinguishers you have are ready for action. Early detection can be a game-changer.
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Ember Defense and Beyond

Now, shifting our focus to those elusive embers. Amidst a bushfire, these tiny troublemakers can wreak havoc, settling on or around your house, even if it’s not directly in the fire’s path. To counter this threat, maintain a vigilant watch on potential ignition points such as your roof, gutters, under the floor, and around windows and doors.

Additionally, always adhere to a golden rule: maintain a robust level of home and contents insurance. This serves as your safety net during times of crisis.

Whether you’re preparing to stay and defend or contemplating a strategic retreat during a bushfire threat, it’s highly advisable to have a survival kit ready and some firefighting equipment on hand. This isn’t just about safeguarding your property; it’s a commitment to protecting what matters most – your loved ones and your community. Stay vigilant, stay safe, and let’s navigate the Aussie fire season together.

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