Liquid Transport Tanks

● Australian made with up to 20 Year Tank Warranty.  ● Safe For Drinking Water – Australian Standards AS4766:2006.  ● Guaranteed Strength.  ● Unique Flexible Technology.  ● UV Stabilised Polyethylene.  ● Large Tank Opening.  ● Sure-Fit Tank Mounting System.   ● Extra Thick Construction With Impact Resistant Qualities. ● Non Rusting Poly Tanks. ● Free Freight To Many Locations.



Water & Chemical Cartage Tank


Portable Water Tanks

100 to 1500 Litres



3000 litre blue aqua v water storage tank by Rapid Spray

Portable Water Tanks

2000 to 15,000 Litres



Water Delivery Tanks

200 to 15,000 Litres




Water Trailers 

1000 to 3000 Litres



12200 3 part Modular Tank by Rapid Spray

Modular Water Tanks

5000 to 30,000 Litres



Rapid Spray tank 255mm basket strainer filter

Tank Accessories

Lids, Filters etc.


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