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Rapid Spray Trolley Sprayer

Today The Bushfire Store is reviewing the Rapid Spray trolley sprayer. We will be breaking the review down into sections. The sections are: Ease of Use, Versatility, Build Quality, Performance and Value for Money.

Ease of Use  

The first thing you need to do is charge the battery for the sprayer. This is a very easy process, simply plug the charger connector into the charging point. Now the sprayer is charged we need to add what ever we are going to be spraying into the large 34 litre tank. The large screw-on lid reduces the chance of spilling whilst filling up the tank.

Turning the sprayer on is very simple. All switches are very easily accessible. It also has a remote control for turning the sprayer on or off, which again is very handy while using this towed.

The spray lance has two very handy storing points. This is particularly handy if you are using this sprayer towed behind a mower. The spray nozzle is adjustable for spraying a wide or jet pattern, you simply turn the nozzle.

The trolley’s handles height can be easily adjusted for when using as a pull along sprayer. The broadcast sprayer nozzle has a easily accessible on/off tap and connecting the tow bar to the sprayer unit is quick and easy.


The Rapid Spray trolley sprayer is very versatile. It can be be pulled along or towed behind a ride-on mower. It can be used as a spot sprayer or as broadcast sprayer. The  spray lance has an adjustable nozzle for a wide or narrow spray pattern.

Build Quality   

The build quality on this unit is very good. All the components are of a high quality. The 34 litre tank is made from a tough UV stabilised poly, with a certain amount of flex to resist impact damage. The pump is securely housed behind a shield to prevent any damage.


The Rapid Spray trolley sprayer performs excellently. When using as a spot sprayer it is effortless. The unit also performs very well with the boomless nozzle in action. The consistent pressure and flow from the pump provides you with a great sprayer unit. You get 2 hours of continuous spraying from a single charge. The sprayer works well attached to a ride-on mower. It is smooth on a flat lawn, and can also cope with slight rough terrain due to its large diameter wheels.

Value for money   

There are many companies selling spot sprayers, and a few companies selling trolley sprayers. We have struggled to find another company that incorporates a spot sprayer on wheels that can be easily pulled along and can also be attached to a ride-on mower and towed behind, plus having a broad cast nozzle for spraying larger areas.

The Rapid Spray trolley sprayer is not cheap at $475. But when you combine all of its features. Its ease of use, its high quality build and components, the 12 months Rapid Spray manufacturers warranty, knowing this is a product is from an Australian company who are leaders in the developing and manufacturing of agricultural spraying equipment, then this product really is great value.

Watch the video below to see the Rapid Spray Trolley Sprayer in action.

Additional Information

● Strong 34 litre UV stabilised polyethylene tank.   ● Adjustable nozzle, spraying up to 1.2 metre wide.

● Large wheels to suit all terrains.  ● Pull along or tow behind a ride on mower.

● Reliable 3.8LPM 12V pump.   ● Over 2 hours of continuous spraying from a rechargeable battery.

● Easy cleaning with accessible drain bung.   ● Full Manufacturers Warranty.  ● Rapid Spray Australia product.

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What People Are Saying

Excellent fire hose reel! We have purchased three of these reels now to build our own fire protection trailers.

- Craig Downing

I got a fire hose reel and pump. The quality is top grade, and their team's product knowledge and service were impressive. Kudos to their expertise!

- Sarah Hart
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