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Double Sided Foam Marker Kit

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Improve Spray Accuracy and Reduce Waste

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Double Sided Foam Marker Kit




    • Double sided Deluxe model.
    • 24 litre heavy duty chemical holding tank with steel mounting frame.
    • Solenoid controls.
    • Handy in-cab controller with left/right selections.
    • Pressure relief valve safety valve.
    • Supplied with all hoses and wire kit.
    • Foam & water solution compensation: 10.6 litres per hour.
    • Flexible EPDM rubber foam droppers for accidental impact resistance.
    • Foam is delivered in blobs for reducing costs.


Simply plug in and charge up. Fill with water and supplied concentrate. Your ready for spraying!

Double sided foam marker kit.

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Double Foam Marker Kit

1 review for Double Sided Foam Marker Kit

  1. Sam Tibbins

    A great kit. It pays for itself in no time. Its very good quality and easy to use. Not much more you can say.

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