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17M Brass Boomless Sprayer


Safe Chemical Spraying

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Brass Boomless Sprayer

17 Metre



Ideal for hard to reach areas

Rough Terrain Spraying, Fire Breaks and Locust Control

These range of boomless nozzle kit is perfect for rough terrain and hard to reach areas. They allow you to target those areas that standard booms just cant get to, whether it be from trees, fences, pylons or uneven ground.

The boomless nozzle kit is well designed to give a consistent and even spray pattern. The boomless sprayer comes with interchangeable plates. With a quick and easy plate change, you can turn your sprayer from a 180 degree swath to a 90 degree swath to give the user greater control over their spraying and to reduce chemical usage by not spraying areas unnecessarily. The boomless nozzle kit can deliver a uniform and even spray pattern over a distance of up to 17 metres.



    • Model: BN17.
    • Brass boomless nozzle.
    • Minimum pump flow rate 30 litres per minute.
    • Up to 190 litres per hectare.
    • 180 or 90 degree spray swath with quick and easy interchangeable nozzle plates.
    • On / off tap.
    • Steel mounting bracket with fitting kit.
    • 12mm brass hose tail.
    • Mounts Easily to ATVs, Field Sprayers, Linkage Sprayers, Utes and more.
    • Optimum mounting height between 0.5m and 1m above ground.
    • Australian made.
    • Fast delivery Australia wide.


Note: Spray width depends on pressure, flow and wind conditions.

Brass Boomless Sprayer.

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249 L/Hectare


17 Metre


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