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Rapid Spray Diesel Tanks

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Genius Diesel Tank

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100L To 1200L

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Diesel Refueling Tank

600L to 6000L

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Diesel Storage Tanks

220L To 1500L

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Diesel Storage Tank

2000L To 10,000L

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12v diesel tank pump and hosekit

Diesel Accessories

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Rapid Spray diesel tanks range from 20 to 10,000 litres. Designed and built to the highest standard using in-flex technology. This allows each tank to bend and flex with the movement of any vehicle whilst in transit. Having an extra thick, impact resistant poly structures ensures that your tank will out live its 15 year warranty.

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Rapid Spray’s diesel refueling range covers solutions for truck mounted diesel transport diesel tanks, ute and trailer mounted portable units, and stationary diesel refuelling tanks. All Rapid Spray diesel tanks are roto moulded from diesel grade certified material and components are sourced from reputable industry suppliers.


Rapid Diesel Tanks – Rapid Genius – Diesel Pod – Active Diesel Tanks
Rapid Spray Diesel Tank

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