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Bushfire Store stocks a range of firefighter hose, reels, fire nozzles and fire accessories that meet or exceed the requirements of the Australian Standards AS1221 / AS2792 and comply with professional fire industry regulations such as the Australian Defence Force and the Board of Fire Commissioners NSW Standard.

Our extensive range of fire equipment is suited to domestic, farming, agricultural, marine, civil, industrial, commercial and mining use. Whether on the frontline of a bushfire or complying with council and statutory requirements and fitting out a premises or worksite, the Bushfire Store has quality, compliant, fire protection equipment that can be delivered throughout Australia.

Engineered to maximise operator safety, ease of use and durability all of our hose reels can be fully customised to suit the end users requirements and are available in a range of sizes, colours and materials.

Our heavy duty and standard hose reels are available in multiple colours to comply with statutory requirement and specify their intended use and, or water source.  A red fire reel is used for fire fighting, purple lilac reel recycled water, green reel rainwater or wash-down and blue reel foam.

Leading manufactures such as Excalibur, Cavalier, Sabre, Powaflex and Kline Fire all feature within our fire hose and fire reel range.  These manufactures use the highest quality PVC, polyester, PU coating and percolated materials when manufacturing fire fighting hoses, which is why they meet Australian Standards. Our white and black fire hose is heat resistant* and designed to withstand ember attacks while our premium blue lay flat hose and heavy duty red layflat hose is ideal for water delivery. Fire hoses, water suction hose and water delivery hose are available in cut to length measurements up to 100 meters and can be assembled with camlocks, clamps, fittings, fire nozzles and fire reels.

In a bushfire emergency your focus should always be on the fire, not a tangled, kinked hose you’re dragging behind. A high quality fire hose, on an easy to operate reel will improve your chance to start a quick defence. A portable fire reel, fire trolley or fire cart, in manual or automatic rewind, could save vital seconds, even minutes with its quick deployment and untangled kink free fire hose being at the ready. Not only are they quick and easy to use they also preserve your fire hose and prevent damage when stored correctly.

Our friendly team would be happy to assist you with any questions or finding the right products.


*temperature varies according to product selection