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Genius Refueling Diesel Units

Genius Diesel Tanks Rapid diesel units

Capacity       Dimensions LxWxH (mm)     Sale Price
100L                   800 x 680 x 465                 $985
200L                   800 x 680 x 710                 $1079
200L                   1150 x 820 x 565                 $1275
300L                   1290 x 600 x 770                 $1478
400L                   1150 x 820 x 780                 $1475
450L                  1700 x 880 x 620                 $1755
600L                  1700 x 880 x 740                 $1845
800L                 1700 x 1000 x 860                 $2006
1000L                1700 x 1000 x 1030                $2148
1200L                1700 x 1000 x 1190                $2274

Free Digital Flow Meter
Valued at $398

● UV Stabilised Diesel Grade Poly Tank.  ● Tough Tanks That Will Never Rust.
● Built-in Flexi Link Technology. ● Impact Resistant.  ● Lockable Security Points.
● Protection Lid for Pump Compartment. ● Anti-Kink Delivery Hose. ● 12 Volt Diesel Pump.
● Auto Shut Off Dispensing Nozzle.
  ● Full Manufacturers Warranty.  ● 15 Year Tank Warranty.


Active Refueling Diesel Units 
Poly Fuel Diesel Units Tank

Rapid Spray Active Diesel Unit

● UV Stabilised, Diesel Grade Poly Tanks That Will Never Rust.  ● Built-in Flexi Link Technology.  ● Impact Resistant.  ● Lockable Security Points.  ● Secure Tank Mounting Points.   ● Available With Or Without Pump Kits● Australian Made Tanks.
● Full Manufacturers Warranty.  ● Upgrades & Extras Available Including Flow Meters.


 Rapid Marshal Diesel Trailer

Genius Trailer

● UV Stabilised, Diesel Grade Poly Tank.  ● Built-in Flexi Link Technology. ● Impact Resistant.  ● Lockable Security Points.  ● Anti-Spill Breather. ● 12 Volt Diesel Pumps.  ● Anti-Kink Delivery Hose.  ● Auto Shut Off Dispensing Nozzle. ● Tough Galvanised Chassis.  ● Heavy Duty Brakes & Suspension.  ● Excellent Ground Clearance. ● Australian Made With Full Warranty.  ● Upgrades & Extras Available.


Diesel Tank Extras
Diesel Hose Reels.  ● Diesel Flow Meters.  ● Particle Filters.
Pump Upgrades.  ● Ball Baffles for Added Stability.  ● Steel Tank Mounting Frames.
Bunding for Diesel Units & Trailers.  ● Custom Options Available.

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– FREE DELIVERY is available on many of our diesel units to many locations. Click Here or contact us to find out if you are eligible for free delivery. (Trailers Excluded).
– Sales Inquires; Tel- 0497 051 143 . Between the hours of 08.30 am – 8.00 pm.
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The Rapid Spray® diesel range are the best diesel units in Australia. The diesel fuel tanks can be used free standing or they can be mounted to utes, trailers, trucks or anything with a flat surface. The Rapid Spray diesel range are the toughest diesel refueling, diesel storage and diesel transporting tanks in Australia.
Customer Reviews: Toughest portable fuel storage tanks. Rapid Diesel fuel tanks fit perfectly in the ute. Heavy duty diesel trailers. Great price poly fuel tanks. Very reliable poly diesel tanks. The best diesel storage tanks on the market.

– All diesel tanks comply with Australian Standards sections AS1940-2004 & AS2809.2-2008.

DISCLAIMER: Images are indicative only. Quoted pump flow rates are open flow. Flow rates in real world applications will vary. Tank dimensions may vary slightly due to manufacturing process.